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In December 2018, like many other people, I pondered my “word for the upcoming year”. This word would become my touchstone, my theme, for 2019.

After pondering and discarding many variations, the word that settled into my heart and felt right was the word, “Unleashed!”. Yes, with an exclamation mark and everything.

It was my second year of picking a “word for the year”.

My word for 2018 had been “Grit.” Man, that was the perfect word for the year. I can’t even begin to list the ways that I have had to have “grit” this year. It has been a crazy year that has tested my mettle in ways that I could not have foreseen when I selected that word.

I am feeling optimistic that “Unleashed!” will fit this year just as perfectly.

So, quick obligatory definition of the word: UNLEASH

  1. release from a leash or restraint. “we unleashed the dog and carried it down to our car”synonyms: let loose, release, free, set free, loose, unloose, unbridle, untie, untether, unchain, unbind, unshackle, unmanacle;
  2. cause (a strong or violent force) to be released or become unrestrained.”the failure of the talks could unleash more fighting”

There are so many ways that I hope to be “Unleashed!” this year.

  • Unleashed from parts of my past that no longer bring me joy
  • Unleash my business success
  • Unleash my #knowledgework out into the world
  • Unleash myself from not pursuing any talents or passions that burn in me

I have other websites where I am launching courses and building businesses. Initially, this site was going to do that (and who knows, one day, perhaps it still will), but I have decided to use this as my personal and professional blogging place to discuss all of the fascinating things that I learn continually.

So, here, I will unleash my thoughts to be read (or ignored) by the world at large. I hope you enjoy.