Mindy Koch

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As an online positioning strategist, I have been blessed enough to find work I love. Getting businesses found online has become my passion.

I was lucky enough to find work I love as an online positioning strategist. Helping businesses get found online has become my passion. People were kind enough to teach me what they knew about online marketing starting back in 1988 and I have had some kind of online marketing business since then.

Now, in honor of those who gave so generously of their time and knowledge to me, it is my turn to pass on what I have learned.

Please read, enjoy, and hopefully learn as I talk about some of my favorite topics such as search engine positioning, social media marketing, online branding strategies, and reputation marketing, and the wonderful challenge of blogging. Of course, there are also tools of the trade, tutorials, and timely updates as I what I know evolves.

It doesn’t feel like work if you love doing it.

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