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Earnings Disclaimer

My name is Mindy Koch, and this is my earnings disclaimer. Obviously, this has not been written by my lawyer. It is just me letting you know you about possible earnings from this site.

I have an Internet Positioning business and help businesses with their SEO, social media, branding, and online reputation marketing. While I do make money with the information I give to those businesses, the information that I provide on this website to you is provided for free. However, I still may make some money from this website.

Occasionally, I will recommend a product that I feel will be helpful to you. Some of these products will be products that I own the rights to or that I have an affiliate relationship with. Some of these products will be products that I have no financial relationship with whatsoever. Some products I recommend will be free, and some won’t.

Any testimonials that I provide about any product are honest and are based on my own experience or the experience of my team members.  I may be given opportunities to try new products in exchange for my honest recommendation or testimonial. If I am given a “review copy” of a product or service, I will let you know that it was a review copy when I tell you about it, and I will give my honest opinion.

I encourage you to please do your due diligence on any products you consider purchasing that I have reviewed on my site. (Whether you buy them from this site or not.) I don’t guarantee any one else’s products nor do I guarantee what your experiences will be with any products or strategies you may try that were recommended on this site. I am simply telling you my own personal or my team’s own experiences.

I do not endorse all products that may be seen in ads on this website. I suggest you consider only products which I refer to directly in posts, and I have written explicit opinions about on this site (or in guest posts on other sites) are products that I knowingly endorse. Also, my opinions about products may change over time based on changing experiences with those products or competitors.

In other words, I will discuss products or services on this site from time to time. When I do so, I may make some money from this website even though the information I provide on this website is offered to you for free.

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